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Remanufactured Marine Engines

Remanufactured Marine Engines | Remanufactured EnginesRemanufactured Marine Engines for Cars and Trucks

It is no secret that some of the most powerful engines in the world are created by automakers. It is also not a secret that the same engines that are built exclusively for cars and trucks are supplied to boat manufacturers for installation in boats. There are very subtle differences in a marine engine compared to an automobile or truck engine. The same horsepower, torque and performance that are put into automobile engines are put into our remanufactured marine engines. These marine engines were originally intended for aquatic use, but have been rebuilt for direct placement into cars and trucks. We guarantee you will have no problems with installation or operation.

Remanufactured Marine Engines with Brand New OEM Parts

To make boat engines street legal, professional modifications must be completed to make sure the engine performs well under the wide open performance specs found in all trucks and cars. Every one of our remanufactured marine engines has been converted by professional mechanics to stay true to the OEM guidelines for rebuilt marine engines. Every marine engine has brass freeze plugs that are meant to keep the fluids from freezing in depths of water. These plugs are changed to automotive plugs and tested for leaks. Our engine mechanics install distributors, air filters and starters to make our remanufactured marine engines ready for instant bolt down in your car or truck.

Remanufactured Marine Engines with a 3-Year Warranty

Buying any engine without warranty protection is a mistake but people do it. All of our engines are rebuilt by our engine mechanics so we know what is included. There is no way to know the quality that you will receive when buying engines from salvage yards. We offer a 3-year extended warranty on all parts that are replaced during the rebuild. Our remanufactured marine engines are very clean and are tested after reassembly is finished. Our tests are thorough and include combustion, oil pressure tests and fluid retention. This ensures there will be no defects or issues after you buy an engine from us. Our piece of mind warranty is included at no additional cost to you when you buy our discounted remanufactured marine engines.

How to Order Our Remanufactured Marine Engines

Since we deal exclusively in engines and not auto parts, we are able to buy marine engines in bulk from our suppliers around the country. We do the hard work and research for you during our selection process. We select low mileage engines and rebuild them for sale to you. Our remanufactured marine engines are sold at a huge discount and you do not need to be a body shop or dealer to receive our low prices. Complete our easy to use form to receive an accurate price quote. Your questions are welcomed by calling our toll free number at 1-877-630-3837. We make it fast and effortless to order remanufactured marine engines for direct installation in your vehicle.

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