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Remanufactured Lexus SC Engines for Sale

Lexus SC engines for sale, Remanufactured

Lexus SC engines for sale, Remanufactured

Speaking of one of the nicest personal luxury coupes made, the Lexus SC is one of the finest and best performing on the market, recently discontinued in 2010. If you are searching for an engine for your SC, buy a quality remanufactured Lexus SC engine for sale from Remanufacturedenginesforale.com and save more money than expected. Call right now for your special price,

Two generations of the SC model were made. the first generation, the SC,300 and SC 400 models were made from 1991 to 200, and only two engines were ever offered.
1. A 3.0 liter inline six cylinder engine: Code 2JZ-GE. The JZ family of engines are all inline 6 cylinder models, not V6 designs. The JZ motors use a 24 valve aluminum DOHC head and valve setup, DOHC meaning double overhead camshafts. This is the most common JZ engine using VVTi technology, which is a fancy name for variable valve timing with intelligence. Another fancy technical name!
2. A 4.0 liter V8 engine: Code 1UZ-FE. The UZ family, being all V8 designs with a 32 valve quad cammed engine designed for Toyota luxury offerings and SUV.

The second generation used one engine in entirety from 2001 to 2010 before discontinuation. The only engine used is:
1. A 4.3 liter V8, code: 3UZ-FE. Of the UZ engine family, and 4.0 liters, as is the earlier 1UZ-FE engine. A high performance luxury SUV engine using all of Toyota’s finest technology. Used in the Lexus line mostly, available in the Supra GT 500 also.

The SC is a front engine, rear wheel drive car. It is not built on the very popular front wheel drive platforms, because this particular setup is better suited and more durable to a high performance car.

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