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Remanufactured Detroit DD15 Diesel Engine For Sale

Detroit Diesel introduced its DD15 engine in October 2007, the company said it was a brand new from the ground up design, meeting current EPA-’07-requirements and supposedly 100 percent ready for 2010 EPA codes. The DD13 and DD16 engines are in the same family of motors. Since they are a relatively new design, there are only two ways to buy a  Detroit DD15 Diesel Engine For Sale. At this time we sell a fully remanufactured DD15 diesel engine, including some first year engineering tweaks since it’s launch, major software upgrades, changes in certain materials, redesigning of major components and more. We also sell low mileage used DD15 diesel motors.

It took nearly five years and $1.5 billion in development time and money, the new heavy-duty Detroit Diesel DD15 engine is manufactured at the company’s Redford, Mich., plant. A design for the future and one to build on.

This is a six-cylinder, in-line [straight] engine, the DD15 displaces 14.8 liters and uses a new [ACRS] Amplified Common Rail System [fuel injection], as well as somewhat futuristic turbo compounding technology.

The engine is the first in a series of new heavy-duty engines from Detroit Diesel that eventually will cover three displacement categories: 12.8 liters, 14.8 liters and 15.6 liters.

I wont bore you with any more tech details, but all are part of the natural evolution of any complex machine. Partly because the real experts on the Detroit Diesel DD15 engine work at remanufacturedenginesforsale.com, with that in mind, the team of remanufactured [semi] truck engines specialists know a lot more about the actual applications than I do.

We decided that having at least one member of our team being affluent in large truck and specialty diesel engines was imperative. The amount of people that count on us for affordable and reliable diesel engines is building by the day, when dealing with people who make a living driving a truck, fast service is nearly as important as quality service  because every second the truck is off the highway, the driver and owner of the company are not making money.

What I can say is this, the same service, pricing and attention to details we give professional drivers will be given to you. We don’t have any miracles here, we simply supply the proper amount of education, steer you in the right direction, then sell a remanufactured motor that has pure value and confidence built right into it. Honesty, integrity and super service is the rest of our secret. Call now and order your DD15 Engine now.