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Remanufactured BMW 745LI engines for sale

Remanufactured BMW 745LI engines for sale

Remanufactured BMW 745LI engines for sale


We Currently Do Not Carry BMW Engines


Do you own a super high performance luxury car, the BMW 745I for example? Introduced in 1977, considered the top lineup of cars by BMW up to and including present times. Six generations have been introduced to the public, all with the world class engines BMW is known for.

I Assume you are here to learn more about, or buy a replacement engine, Remanufacturedenginesforsale.com offers the finest Remanufactured BMW 745LI engines for sale on the market, bar none.

Generation one [1] 1977-1986 Model E23; Included a total of 7 inline 6 cylinder engines ranging from 3.2 liters in size to 3.4 liters. Some of the engines were specific to certain geographic areas where different emission laws exist.
3.2 L I6
3.4 L I6
2.5 L I6
2.8 L I6
3.0 L I6
3.3 L I6
3.5 L I6

Generation two [2] 1986-1994 Model E32;
3.0–3.4 L I6
3.0–4.0 L V8
5.0 L V12

Generation 3 [three] 1994-2001 Model E38; Finally introducing two diesel engines, both come with turbochargers for added power.
2.8 L I6
3.0–4.4 L V8
5.4 L V12
2.5–2.9 L I6 Turbodiesel
3.9 L V8 Turbodiesel

Generation four [4] 2002-2008 Models E65/E66/E67/E68; V8 engines became standard options with a 12 cylinder engine option.
4.4 L 325 hp
4.8 L 360 hp V8
6.0 L 438 hp V12

Generation five [5] 2009 to present Models F01/F02; A slew of ultra modern performance engines including a scorching turbocharged V12 engine
6.0L 552 PS (406 kW) twin turbo V12
4.4L twin turbo V8
3.0L I6
3.0L turbodiesel I6
3.0L turbodiesel I6

The list of engines seems endless, they all have one thing in common. Over designed components engineered and manufactured with the most advanced techniques and equipment in the world. Precisely why we are the most qualified supplier of such precision products.

Find out how affordable a remanufactured BMW engine is, it is a terrific value in the long run. If an remanufactured engine is not your interest, well then, ask about our line of pre tested used engines, no junk yard engines, and we sell new crate engines too.

Call and speak with an educated customer specialist who can help you decide which replacement option suits your needs, the year of the car and your budget.

Remember, we are known for our world class service as well as our state of the art replacement engines. Don’t wait anymore, it only takes a few minutes to make the call.

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