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Refurbished Ford 2.0 Zetec Engines

Ford Zetec EngineFord produced its Zetec series to provide its 2.0 base. The upgrades over the 1.9 and smaller engines provided much needed boosts in horsepower. The 1995 introduction inside the Mercury Mystique helped introduce the 2.0 Zetec. We sell refurbished Ford 2.0 Zetec engines. We’re able to build these at a lower than average price. Replacing used engines with a rebuilt one gives a lot of value. Finding the Zetec that you need in our engine inventory is easy using this website as your resource online.

The added punch of the 2.0 horsepower helped the Escort reach a new audience. The smaller engines used in the 1980s lacked the power vehicle owners wanted. The 2.0-liter design of the Zetec provided the boost many wanted. When you replace a used engine, you want to find one with low miles. Longevity is the key with engines. Our refurbished Ford motors inventory is crafted to provide a better lifespan. While no dealer can erase mileage, what we can do is preserve parts or change them as needed. This boosts the usability.

Refurbished Ford 2.0 Zetec Engines Ready for Shipment

The tools and equipment used here are professional. Our mechanics are equally professional. What’s important to a rebuild is a final inspection. We use a range of tools to accomplish inspections. Nothing is sent out from our warehouse that is not inspected. When engines are ready, these are prepared for shipment. Each Ford Zetec motor is processed by our team. We use professional freight companies. Deliveries are essential to installations. Our team works long hours to ensure all deliveries are made on time.

Deliveries of rebuilt engines is not where our incentives stop. We give one final boost to customer assurance. We supply parts warranties. The protection plan created for customers is 36 months in length. These warranties for parts provide sufficient coverage. What our warranties give is a lot of value. Many companies do not warranty a rebuilt motor. We’re the builders. We know what is inside. We know how far engines can go. We still warranty the work. Our customer service levels are maintained that way. We’re aware of customer requests. Our warranties are a result of these requests.

Refurbished Ford 2.0 Zetec Engines Quoted Online

Quotes are accessible here online. It only takes a moment to get one. Each engine here is unique. Each customer is unique. No two prices are the same due to shipping. Our system works intelligently. We take the data entered and it is reviewed. What is displayed is a low quoted price. These prices include shipment and other data. We let our customers in on our special pricing. The rebuilt Ford motor inventory held here can be quoted using this process. If you prefer toll-free number service, call the number we provide. We’re here to help you.