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Rebuilt Pontiac Tempest Engines

Rebuilt Pontiac Tempest EnginesPontiac Tempest was first created in 1963 to satisfy the consumer demand for an affordable vehicle. As an alternative to the Mustang and other performance cars, the Tempest held its own and made it through the 60s and 70s. It was reintroduced for a 4-year time period in the late 1980s as a redefined version of the Corsica. This new design helped Pontiac gain some ground in the passenger car market that was desperately needed. We sell rebuilt Pontiac Tempest engines that anyone can afford from our website. It’s not necessary to spend a lot of money to get a great replacement engine deal.

Pontiac prior to the late 1980s helped build the GM foundation. Along with Buick and Chevrolet, the Pontiac brand consistently put out quality vehicles. There was no direct competition between brands as each brand sold well. Each carved out its own niche in the industry. The Tempest had four engines that were often used. There were two 4-cylinder engines and two V6 variants. The 2.2L 4-cylinder was the most often used and the V6 never quite caught on with buyers. The V6 versions went on to find fame in the Cavalier and Chevy Beretta.

Rebuilt Pontiac Tempest Engines 

Our procedures for finding and making engines new again is easy to understand. The Pontiac motors that our team buys are checked out internally first. We use this evaluation to determine what we need to accomplish with each rebuild. The blocks are disassembled and notes are taken. Each part is given a value score and we begin the cleaning procedures. Heavy duty equipment is used to help us get rid of years of aging and other things that can scar the exterior of an engine. The internal parts are important and a thorough cleaning makes them almost like new again. We take the worn parts and immediately replace them strictly with Pontiac genuine replacements. The components are then tested and the engine is completely rebuilt.

The remanufacturing of engines is something that we are trained to do. You cannot read a book or attend a weekend seminar to learn to recondition an engine. The time and experience that it takes requires dedication to the craft. All of our engine mechanics that work here are trained and experienced people. The 2.2L engines that get rebuilt are completed quickly without requiring a long wait. Engines are then moved to the Pontiac division of our warehouse. Here they are stored away from danger and expertly cared for until they are shipped out. Our work includes our unlimited mile warranty. Never fear buying rebuilt engines here.

Rebuilt Pontiac Tempest Engines Pricing 

You can own one of our engines without paying a lot to buy it. Use our rebuilt Pontiac engine quote form to get this low pricing right now. It’s really fast and you can do it 7 days a week. Feel free to call us toll free at 1-877-630-3873. We can give you pricing info over the phone and will answer all Tempest engine questions you have. Our experts are friendly and will take care of you whenever you contact us.




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