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Rebuilt Oldsmobile Regency Engines

Rebuilt Oldsmobile Regency EnginesOldsmobile Regency was the redesign of the revamped Oldsmobile Eighty Eight. Big changes took place in the early 1990s for GM. Oldsmobile sales were beginning to slip. Increased foreign competition made it harder to push the 3.8L engine. Smaller and less fuel consuming cars were being produced. The Oldsmobile Regency was a slightly smaller design but the 3.8L remained. The Regency along with other newer models remained for over 7 years. Our inventory is full of rebuilt Oldsmobile regency engines that are now ready for shipment. These popular V6 engines have passed all testing and are ready for fast installation in your GM automobile.

The Buick V6 was based on the original Fireball Oldsmobile engine. This engine was first produced in the early 1960s. Much of the Oldsmobile success has been derived from its use of the long lasting V6 engine. This is one reason that we carry it. There are other reasons too. There were literally millions of Oldsmobile cars produced from the mid 1980s up until the closure in 2004. The demand is still very strong for anything that Oldsmobile produced. We help keep cars around the world running perfectly because of the rebuilt engines we offer to customers. You can’t buy this type of quality anyplace else outside of an actual GM engine plant.

Rebuilt Oldsmobile Regency Engines

Remanufacturing engines is not a new process. These procedures first started after the muscle car era began to slow down. Dealerships were doing a lot of new engine installations. It was expensive to fix engines at that time due to part shortages. Automakers began selling replacement parts and the rest is now history. This provides companies like us the ability to rebuild any engine. We personally selected the 3.8L V6 over many other engines. The popularity and dependability of these General Motors engines was one reason for our decision. The other decision was that our staff is trained to work on these motors. We are GM certified and have the same capabilities of an OEM manufacturing plant.

We think that one secret to our success is lower mileage motors. When engines are built with low miles, the life cycle is much longer. Engines that have more than the 100k mark can be problematic. A lot of the parts must be replaced and the guarantee that the block is in good condition is smaller. We select the best engines because customers deserve the best. Our rebuilders, sales staff and freight staff all work in conjunction with each other. These pros know what it takes to make a remanufactured engine seller successful. We believe this accounts for more than 50 percent of our annual sales.

Rebuilt Oldsmobile Regency Engines Pricing

You’ll love our pricing. Most customers do. What you have not found out yet is how cheap our engines can be for your wallet. We created the easiest way to get pricing here on this website. Use the simple Oldsmobile Regency engine quote form you see here. It’s super fast and is available for quotes 24/7. If you ever need help, just call 1-877-630-3873. We are always here to help new and existing customers.




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