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Rebuilt Nissan Pathfinder Engines

Rebuilt Nissan Pathfinder EnginesNissan Pathfinder was first created in 1986 to introduce Nissan to a U.S. audience. The buying public was already behind Ford, Chevy and Dodge. The mid 1980s was a tough year for all automakers with Chrysler Corporation going through restructuring bankruptcy. The Pathfinder and its VG33E 3.3L engine in 1996 was a breath of fresh air for auto buyers. Nissan struck a chord with its 2-door body style and offered quite a bit more horsepower than other vehicles in its class. Searching for a Nissan engine can be confusing and frustrating online. You won’t be confused after you see our rebuilt Nissan Pathfinder engines pricing.

There have been four generations of the Pathfinder that have been built. The second generation began in 1996 and this is the time period where the upgraded 3.3L engine we sell came from. This time period marked the strongest sales for the Pathfinder in the history of Nissan Motor Corp. Both the 3.3L and the 3.5L gave a lot of extra power and this is what we preserve during each Nissan engine rebuild. The condition of engines that come to us used has a lot to do with our finished product. We work strictly with engines that are not filled up with over 100,000 miles.

Rebuilt Nissan Pathfinder Engines

The skills and experience of our mechanics are put to the test each day here. Since we do all work by hand, it does take a certain level of skill and the right machinery to take apart a V6 engine. This is something that is not done in one day. We put many days of disassembly, cleaning and reassembly into what is rebuilt here. We keep better control of the entire rebuild this way and we eliminate the potential for mechanic or part failures. The OEM engines our team purchases are often gently used but we still replace parts. It is better to clean and replace than to process a claim for a warranty six months down the road. Our team puts in extra effort so that our customers benefit daily.

Because we have high integrity, engines that are remanufactured by our team never fail. The procedures for engine testing that are used here are top of the line. It costs a lot of money to do engine testing but we don’t skip it. It is understood by our team that when engines leave our warehouse that they are not supposed to come back. We keep up the high quality work daily. Engines that are ordered today get shipped out today. We never put excess delays into the supply chain. We are able to ship fast and meet customer freight requests if necessary.

Rebuilt Nissan Pathfinder Engines Pricing

Pricing is given by our Nissan quote form and from our customer service experts. We do a lot for every customer including taking away the wait involved with traditional price quotes. Enter your data into our online form and our database displays instant Pathfinder prices. You can always call our helpful staff at 1-877-630-3873. Getting help here is really easy and doesn’t stop when you become a www.remanufacturedenginesforsale.com customer.




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