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Rebuilt Chevy 5.3 Engines

Chevy EngineVortec 5300 was used first in 1999. The Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra were the two pickup trucks picked to carry this engine worldwide. The success of the 5.3 engine had a lot to do with the power output. The Vortec series was built for performance. The high torque and horsepower combination is hard for other manufacturers to compete. With a base of 295 horsepower, this motor offers plenty of assurance that it can withstand any abuse. The rebuilt Chevy 5.3 engines we carry here are all naturally built. We get these motors in top shape and send them all over the world.

The General Motors produced 5300 series moved from the Silverado to the Yukon in 2000. This powerful V8 was able to bring its reputation over to one of the largest SUVs currently in production. Both the Yukon and the Suburban benefited from this motor. What our company does is find great condition used editions. These are what we invest in to remanufacture. We understand the Vortec technologies and have a trained staff. These expert mechanics never fail to provide absolutely perfect engines for sale. Our engine business has grown substantially due to our investments in quality and customer service.

Rebuilt Chevy 5.3 Engines in Stock

Stock levels here never drop. We closely monitor what is put inside our engine warehouse. We take recommendations from our customers on what they want to buy. We know the types of engines sold through salvage and junkyard companies. The pickup truck engines that are offered here online are superb quality. If you’re used to buying used, there is no comparison with a remanufactured engine. The total rebuilds that we construct and stock here will be perfect for any swap or replacement. We’ve already invested into technologies to streamline our production process. The testing and assurance practices that we integrate helps maintain quality.

The Chevrolet Vortec engines that are constructed inside of our engine facility receive warranties. It’s easy to sell motors online. The hard part is having something of quality. We’ve never stopped improving the quality or our company as a whole. An unlimited mileage and 36-month warranty is what we generally offer. There is no better time to replace an engine than when you’re presented with a great option. It’s our job to give the best condition engines to those that depend on them the most. The 5.3 Chevy engines for sale that you can have shipped to you provide you with value. Our exceptional inventory and customer reputation has been built over decades. We’re not an auction seller or local seller. We sell internationally and interact with engine buyers from all parts of the world.

Rebuilt Chevy 5.3 Engines Price Quote

Getting you a great price for a Vortec engine is what we do here. Use our online quote form or call into our company using the toll free number we give out. You’ll always get fast service and any questions that you have answered fast. We work hard to please customers and always uphold our promises. Get in touch with us right now and you wont’ be sorry you did.


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