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Powerful Engines in 2011 Toyota Sienna Vans

Again it’s vacation time for my family, and we are renting a Toyota minion, as they call it. We, my wife and I like the Sienna very much, it’s, believe it or not has more useable interior room than our Safari van. It drives very nice on the highway too, there is plenty of power oat the tip of your gas pedal foot.

Powerful Engines in 2011 Toyota Sienna Vans, a good sized engine with more than enough power for any of my needs is stock. Power or pep is important to us because we take our dogs. Together they add about 150 pounds of weight plus their stuff. Toys, dog begs, etc. The van had power to pass at 75 mph with no fear of not getting past the car your passing.

The engine is called: 2GR-FE, a 266 horsepower V6 of 3.5 liters with direct fuel injection.

Of course a 2011 Sienna van would still be under warranty and is not in any danger of engine problems, or you having to pay for it. But, Sienna’s have been around for enough years now that people with this vehicle experience engine failures, on occasion, for many reasons. For more than one reason, a rebuilt engine is your most cost effective avenue, befitting of a nice car.

Because the Sienna is so highly rated, and their owners are extremely loyal, not to mention often carry around loads of living creatures, generally of the human being life form, rebuilt engines are their choice.

People who buy Sienna vans want the best, fortunately the best is quite affordable. NOTE: When I mention loyalty, my sister is on her third one, she has kids and places to take them and places she needs to go, she is a busy lady with no room for downtime. Think about it.

A few things I don’t cars for. The bulk of them are not engine issues, but I have one minor engine issue. To be honest, I find this is an non-issue. It affects nothing and many folks don’t feel it. The engine is easy to “feel” upon hard throttle. It sounds like it’s straining, but it’s not. I’m pretty sure it’s the nature of a transverse mounted driveline.

Transverse is the system 99% of front wheel drive cars use today. It’s efficient, and effective. Every manufacturer puts their spin on it, but the theory of operation is the same.

If I was interested in a new van, the Sienna would be at the top of my list. I love the automatic sliding side doors, now that is a body saver. Instead of passengers “slamming the door, it shuts and clicks closed nice and easy.

If I were to purchase one, my avenue would be to specifically locate a nice clean Sienna van with a bad engine. Call RebuiltEnginesForSale.com @ 1-866-244-4906 and speak with one of the informed engine guys and find out more about replacement engines in general and what my best choice would be. You see they offer low mileage used engines, remanufactured engines, new crate engines and JDM engines too.

Call not, the process of feeling better starts now. RebuiltEnginesForSale.com @ 1-866-244-4906.

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