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Pontiac Sunfire Engine

Ecotec EnginesThe loss of Pontiac in the automotive world has made engines more scarce. The Ecotec 2.2 was one of the final motors used for the Sunfire. If you’re hoping to find a Pontiac Sunfire engine, you’re now searching in the right place. The Sunfire never wore out its welcome from 1995 to 2005. This vehicle is still highly popular on the secondary market. You can find replacement Pontiac engines to make an immediate installation.

The Ecotec 2.2 was the base four-cylinder used for the later years of the Sunfire. The 2200 series was the early edition of this engine. The fuel economy has made this motor one of the better builds in the Pontiac lineup. The rebuilt editions here maintain this quality. Our team provides OEM compatible units. What this means is there is no quality loss. Recycling used engines to make them new again does take work. We’re considered one of the best at it.

Pontiac Sunfire Engine with a Warranty

Buying used engines is the route many people take. A range of mileage can be found through various used sellers. Putting extra miles on an already high block is dangerous. Engines can quickly go downwards in quality. We package each 2.2 with a warranty here. These I4 GM edition engines are protected. This means you get 3 years of coverage. Your purchase price stays the same. We attach this warranty for your benefit. Our inventory is designed to impress you.

Aside from a warranty, handling of each shipment is crucial. We’ve hired a freight team here. This team handles each Pontiac motor with precision care. A low mileage variant in good condition is what most people expect. We go beyond this. Our same day shipments reach most areas in a few business days. The days of waiting for engine arrivals are over.

Pontiac Sunfire Engine Price Quote

Easy online quotes are offered here. You can call if you want though. We operate a toll-free number. Our specialists can help you when you call. We’re able to lookup mileage. We can validate engine codes. Whatever your need we handle it. Online quotes always begin with our request form on this page. Because quotes cost you nothing, you have nothing to lose by generating one. Our specialists review your data. We use this data to give you a quote plus shipment costs. Getting a reconditioned 2.2 Ecotec engine is fast here.