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Pontiac Sunbird 3.1L Remanufactured Engines

Pontiac Sunbird 3.1L Remanufactured Engines | Rebuilt EnginesPontiac Sunbird lived a long production life of almost 20 years. From the late ’70s to the early ’90s, it was one of GM’s most popular vehicles. A variety of body styles were available for the Sunbird and drivers around the world responded with nothing but love and affection for the Sunbird. General Motors experimented with several motors until it found one that did the best. The 3.1L V6 had success in the Cavalier, Beretta and Skylark and GM tried it in the Pontiac Sunbird and it worked. There was no compromise like earlier versions that traded good looks for fuel economy. Our Pontiac Sunbird 3.1L remanufactured engines are ready to ship right now to anywhere in the world.

We believe in GM motors or we would not sell them. Not many automakers can claim that they have been around as long as GM and done 1/3 of what General Motors has accomplished. We made excellent deals with our distributors and partners to send us the very best engines to remanufacture. Most of what you can find online are already the scraps leftover from other dealers. We get to take advantage of the best shipments and we literally sort through them to find the best V6 engines to rebuild in our shop.

Pontiac Sunbird 3.1L Remanufactured Engines

Because we already start with high quality, we don’t have to do too much to make sure the Pontiac engines are great. We do, however, start the process just like GM expects us to and we strip the old parts off the block. The cleaning process enables us to see what is really happening inside of the engine. You can learn a lot about the engine condition when you open it up. The professional cleaning that we do is what makes the engines we certify like brand new. There is no premature part breakdown for the OEM parts we apply. If a failure does happen, the OEM warranty that comes with each engine will easily cover the problem. The labor we put into the V6 engine is covered as well for the perfect warranty.

We specialize in getting a Sunbird up and running again. You can install, fix and re-install a used engine many times. Why go through that? Let our Pontiac mechanics provide you with something that is reliable and is a genuine GM engine. What comes out of our engine shop is the very same engines that Pontiac produces. The only difference is that we do it for way cheaper and we support you after the sale is completed. The extra steps that we take to ensure quality are welcomed by our customers and we never have to deal with unhappy people.

Pontiac Sunbird 3.1L Remanufactured Engines Prices

You did the right thing by saying no and did not buy from a shady online dealer. We have a reputation, an expert staff and a website that gives quotes 24/7. You made the right decision. Use our 3.1L V6 quote form right now. Look over our price and then phone us at 1-877-630-3873. We’ll help you get the Pontiac engine you demand for a low price that will make you very happy.

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