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Pontiac Grand Prix Engines

Pontiac Grand Prix was created by GM in the early 1960s. The original engines were large 6.0 and 7.0 V8 engines. These engines meant business and did great things for Pontiac. After the crackdown on fuel economy standards, GM had to rethink its Grand Prix. The time tested V8 was scaled back to a V6. The displacement was a 3.1L V6 starting with the mid ’80s vehicles. This trend continued until 2008 when the Grand Prix was retired. We have brand new Pontiac Grand Prix engines that you can buy for less. We discount the cost of a new engine so you don’t have to pay dealer pricing to get it.

When buying a car engine, you have limited choices if you don’t go to a dealer. Some people try to save money on engines by buying them used. These are OK but they will breakdown eventually. There are only so many different parts you can keep fixing on a used engine before it wears out. A rebuilt engine is a step up. These engines have already had new replacement parts but the mileage never comes off. This means that thousands of miles are on the block just waiting to cause damage. A new engine at our pricing is an affordable option for any customer.

Pontiac Grand Prix Engines
We do work with the top suppliers in the auto industry to get engines to sell. It is from our established connections that we are able to reduce the price you pay. One secret that we use a lot is bulk buying. We have our suppliers load up a trailer full of new 3.1L GM engines and send them to us. We do an internal evaluation when the engines arrive. We know the condition is new but a shipping error could cause damage. We send the engines in for testing. What comes out of the testing verifies that each V6 engine is in fact in new condition. It is the only way we can verify the true condition for what we sell.

Each Grand Prix engine is assigned a special warranty. The warranty is designed to include the OEM parts as well as the labor that a mechanic put into it. The coverage is never hard to understand. You don’t have to sign a long contract. We ship the engine and a copy of the terms for you to keep. It’s that simple. Buying Pontiac Grand Prix new engines is much easier with our website. We do invest in our inventory as well as our company to provide the best we can to each customer. We’ve seen what other sellers do online. We do what is right.

Pontiac Grand Prix Engines Price Quotes
A new engine price quote here is lower than what you think. We’ve built our company on low prices. The Grand Prix engine quotes are served by our quote form. You only have to put your information into the form. What you are given back is a low price and other important information you should know before buying. You can always call 1-877-630-3873. We’ll get you the new 3.1L V6 engine you are searching for on the Internet.