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Plymouth Sundance Engines for Sale

Plymouth Sundance was created in 1987 after the Chrysler financial issues. The Sundance was designed to go up against the Cavalier, Taurus and Escort as a leading compact car. Chrysler used its famous 2.2 and 2.5 engine to power the Sundance. The 8 years of production that went into this vehicle were very good to Plymouth. Chrysler always overshadowed the Plymouth brand but the Sundance helped to break that tradition. It made it possible for the PT Cruiser and later models to showcase Plymouth as a worldwide brand. Our Plymouth Sundance engines for sale are brand new. You won’t find a used or rebuilt 4-cylinder engine sold here.

One thing you might be unaware of is that Chrysler has not ceased production on the 2.2 or 2.5 engines. The 3.0 Sundance engine was produced in the middle of the 1990s and it too is in our inventory. All of these engines have a lot in common. The precision and engineering that went into these motors is something special. These are the very engines that got Chrysler through its slump in the 1980s and these are what we ship out to customers. The business model that we have allows us to sell to any customer. We don’t specialize in just businesses or warranty centers. Average drivers can also purchase our brand new engines.

Plymouth Sundance Engines for Sale
Since we are a new engine seller, we don’t spend a minute of our time searching the country for a supplier. We go right to the source when we want a Sundance engine. These engines are constantly in production and although they are branded with new technology they fit perfectly. If you are installing one yourself or having it installed, putting these engines underneath the hood is easy. A used engine or one that is remanufactured could not fit correctly due to the past owner and other modifications. Our new engines for sale are completely OEM and are fresh stock. These are ready for a fast installation as a total replacement or a quick swap.

Our pricing is something special too. Any person that obtains a quote from our website can tell you the same. You don’t have to pay those high retail prices that dealerships like to quote. Because we have such a great reputation, the distributors that we contract with have supplied our inventory for years. These connections allow us to get a lower price because we take advantage of incentives and retailer-only offers. We put the discounts into each 2.2, 2.5 and 3.0 new engine. What our customers enjoy apart from the low price is our warranty. Every new engine comes with standard coverage to assurance anyone that what comes from our company is absolutely worth it.

Plymouth Sundance Engines for Sale Quotes
A quote is a quote unless the price makes you happy. Our reputation as an honest seller online is one reason for our success. Because we give quotes 7 days a week, there is no waiting period and no offline processing that must be done here. The price that our Plymouth Sundance quote form gives you is what you will pay. It’s simple to call our engine staff and ask a question at 1-877-630-3873. We help thousands of people every year get the brand new Plymouth engine they want.