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Oldsmobile Silhouette 3.4L V6 Engines

Rebuilt Engines V6 OldsmobileOldsmobile Silhouette was created in 1989 by General Motors. This vehicle was the first of a series of luxury minivans. The excellent gas mileage of the Vortec 3400 engine was one of the reasons the Silhouette remained popular. The luxury style of this minivan helped it to remain in production until the 2004 year. Oldsmobile might have been terminated although GM sold millions of oldsmobile minivans. We’re able to secure excellent quality motors to rebuild inside our own facility. This helps us to provide Oldsmobile Silhouette 3.4L V6 engines to our customers for less. Why pay more if you’re a customer here?

The first silhouette engine was actually the 3.1L. This was the engine used in the Cavalier and Beretta. GM quickly updated the engine to provide a horsepower boost. This Vortec 3400 engine provided about 200 horsepower rated at maximum levels. The reason that we’re able to offer this engine in great condition is our partnerships. We’ve went out and created some of the strongest engine industry partners currently available. These partners are trusted to provide us with 6-cylinder Oldsmobile engines that we use for every rebuilt engine job. We maintain high quality to help raise customer satisfaction levels.

Oldsmobile Silhouette 3.4L V6 Engines in Stock

The V6 did so well for GM that it was put into Pontiac and Buick vehicles too. The same can be said for the motors we put out. We do very well rebuilding these on short notice. We know the Oldsmobile engine specs. This is all that we put into what is built. We could make modifications like other companies. We refuse to alter the OEM state of the block. The parts that are supplied here and installed are always genuine condition. When these engines are finished and started up, the testing phase of our work begins. You’ve found the source online you need for rebuilt Oldsmobile engines for sale.

Engine rebuilding is our passion and not our job. Work that we do comes from the heart first. Our profits are about third or fourth on the list. Since we have extensive customer networks, what is built here can end up being used in a number of different scenarios. Our business customers that include mechanics and other auto industry professionals know quality is never an issue here. What is shipped and sold by our staff is always excellent. Since these are rebuilt engines and not used, we always provide our warranty with each sale. This guarantees the parts and the labor from any sort of defect or failure. Pricing is always kept low to be more than competitive with our sellers online.

Oldsmobile Silhouette 3.4L V6 Engines Quote

Customers here have two great options to save money. We give pricing to those that call in to our toll free number. This is a great way to get to know our staff and have questions answered fast. The Oldsmobile quote form is another fast method. What is sent in through the form is double checked and a price is then generated promptly. Information about our warranty and shipping is also included for your convenience. Start saving money by contacting us now.



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