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Mack Etec Diesel Engines for Sale

Mack Trucks, Inc. announced in 2001 that its 12-liter Mack E-Tech engine, will meet the aggressive 2002 diesel emission emissions requirements, hence, a new engine with E-Tech technology. Not long after the engines were introduced, Newenginesforsale.com started to stock New Mack E-Tech Diesel engines for sale, at below cost, and continue to lead the way.

The company said the engine has met all engineering development requirements for emissions, which are 10% to 15% below the federal standards and went into effect in October 2002. The engine also manages to meet the required emission levels while maintaining a 460-horsepower rating. The hope is by engineering with the future in mind, Mack will be able to market this motor for many years without emission modifications.

Mack said ”that the cornerstone technology of its emissions-compliant engine is cooled exhaust gas re-circulation (EGR), which the company sees as the most viable technology for meeting the emissions standards for oxides of nitrogen (NOx) and particulates in the 2002 timeframe.”

However, EGR will not be the only new technology Mack uses to satisfy the requirements. Mack engineers will use new technologies that will be progressively introduced in the E-Tech engine between now and 2002.

The company had nearly completed the design and development of the engine’s pump fuel system, which Mack released [the flexible injection capabilities] in the second half of 2002.

This is one of the first high technology diesel ‘on highway’ engines made. Rebuilt diesel engines seem to be our biggest seller. The reason being is that the whole engine including fuel injectors, and other components get rebuilt or replaced also, providing pure peace of mind.

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