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Mack E7 Diesel Engines for Sale.

First introduced in 1988, the E7 is a heavy duty inline 6 cylinder engine made by Mack Trucks. Used primarily in commercial 18 wheelers for over road deliveries. We have Remaufactured Mack E7 engines for sale in stock and crated, ready for immediate shipment; Remanufacturedenginesforsale.com.

There are 16 different versions available of the E7 engine through it’s production run, each engine is specifically designed for a particular payload rating and purpose of said truck. The first E7 came with a turbocharger and variable injection timing system. Called Econovance Variable Injection [EVI] by Mack.

According to Mack, “The E7 boasts the industry’s best horsepower to weight ratios for customers concerned with achieving maximum productivity”.

Mack Trucks’ E7 uses direct fuel injection and is a four cycle diesel engine. The 728 cubic inch or 12 liters [12 x 61.5 = 730 cubic inches] [61.5 cubic inches in a liter] engine is turbocharged and has a chassis mounted air-to-air after-cooler. So this is a huge engine, most likely used in mountains and hilly areas where extra pulling power is necessary.

Speaking with Mack truck owners many of them feel the E7 series is the best engine lineup Mack ever produced. Which suggests the reason remanufactured Mack E7 motors are so popular. The drivers I spoke with also were clear about what engine to buy when they need a replacement. It was almost unanimous, “buy a remanufactured engine”.

Simply put, the vehicles these engines go into are counted on by many people to deliver the goods on time. The chain goes from the owners of the trucks, to the drivers, to the stores who will take delivery of said products, and most important, you, the consumer.

The big picture is as such, a high quality remanufactured diesel engine is really the best way to save money. By purchasing the best products, both money and critical down time are saved, cutting down on operating expenses and delays. The long term benefits make this the best value, according to the professional drivers I spoke with.

If you are looking for the finest remanufactured diesel engines available, including the Mack E7 diesel engines, call an expert and get the correct engine the first time. Call Remanufacturedenginesforsale.com and find out why we are the choice of professional truck drivers. Call now.