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Jeep Liberty Engines for Sale

Jeep Liberty is the best-selling SUV since the Cherokee was retired by Chrysler. Over a decade of strong sales of the 3.7L PowerTech engine has made Jeep a real competitor in the SUV marketplace. Neither Ford or Chevrolet have been able to match the sales figures of vehicles in their lineup to the Liberty. You will find that we have low prices for Jeep Liberty engines for sale. What we deal with are brand new PowerTech engines. We don’t have time to support used or rebuilt engines. These can be problematic at best and we’d rather stick with new engines for sale to our customers around the world.

There is a smaller Jeep engine that we also have in stock apart from the V6 3.7L. The 2.4L inline 4-cylinder is a fuel efficient version of the V6. Each engine gets great gas mileage and we offer the 2.4 as an alternative to our customers. New engines don’t have to cost a lot when you know where you can buy one. Never go to a dealership unless you like paying MSRP. Our engines are sold at prices that are thousands of dollars less than Chrysler retail prices. We make warranty centers, mechanics and body shops look awesome when they can install a new engine for a lower price.

Jeep Liberty Engines for Sale
True Chrysler motors are what we have in stock. It helps that we have built our company up through the years. Most sellers have to buy from secondary dealers and the quality is usually not there. Our reputation and budget to purchase new engines has helped us get access to actual Chrysler suppliers. These are the same suppliers that distribute engines to Jeep dealers across the U.S. We don’t limit our sales to customers just in the United States. We end up shipping engines around the world because many people appreciate low pricing. Our warehouse has been expanded and we are one of few dealers online that has I4 and V6 engines in brand new condition. Powering up a Jeep Liberty is easy with our OEM engines.

One of the good things about a new engine is that it comes with no rust or complications. A used engine can be 50/50 at best. A rebuilt engine is a much better choice although these can vary in quality too. We have found that new engines do the best for us and for our customers. New engines often get a bad rap because of the price. What customers find out quickly is that we’re not a dealership. We are an engine seller that buys at wholesale prices and marks up the cost very little. Our Jeep engines are just above wholesale pricing making them an attractive and cost saving option.

Jeep Liberty Engines for Sale Pricing
We use a Liberty quote form that takes the place of a customer service agent. This means no waiting and only instantly low pricing. Use the form to get our PowerTech 3.7L or 2.4L price right now. If you want to call, we have a full-time staff waiting to help you now. Call 1-877-630-3873 and we’ll take care of you. Your satisfaction is number one here.