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Jeep 4.7L Engines for Sale

Jeep has had the monetary backing of Chrysler since 1987 when it was purchased as AMC was closed. The engineering and development costs were invested into by Chrysler to help make Jeep a household name. The name Jeep has achieved the goal of being known worldwide and the quality of these vehicles still continues to this day. Names like the Cherokee, Wagoneer, Grand Cherokee and Liberty are popular worldwide. Part of the success is the 4.7L PowerTech V8 that is offered. This is the type of engines we sell from this website. Get our Jeep 4.7L engines for sale without paying dealer markup.

Part of our Jeep engine inventory goes to average vehicle owners. This group of people usually has a used vehicle that they need to replace the engine. We happily route our engines to their location. The other half of our business goes to salvage, junkyards and mechanics that rely on what we sell for customers. We know our quality must remain at the highest level possible. We sell brand new Chrysler branded engines after we pick engines up from our wholesalers. It is the quality that we start with that often determines how great the engines turn out from our facility.

Jeep 4.7L Engines for Sale
When it comes to selling engines, we’re able to offer the ones our customers demand. Not every online seller deals with the PowerTech version of the 4.7L. Some sellers are stuck selling the older AMC engines that fit the earlier Cherokee and Wrangler models. We prefer to offer the beefed up V8 model and take advantage of Chrysler’s newer technologies. We keep the horsepower ratio the same. Nothing gets changed if it’s not part of the OEM specs. Our Jeep customers that perform engine installations often comment how great the engines are when started up. There are no issues and we warranty all labor that is put into the build.

Jeep engines take time and patience to find new. They also take great testing equipment. We’re able to assure all customers that own Jeeps that what we sell is top quality. We do this through mechanic testing programs and dyno testing. We prefer to use both of these styles. This lets our mechanics increase their knowledge. It also gives our facility a notch above other companies because of testing equipment used. The dyno testing is the last fail safe that we have to make sure engines come out great. Our motors are tested and then they are shipped out by our shipping team. Our warranty that covers unlimited mileage for three years is just a bonus to our customers.

Jeep 4.7L Engines for Sale Pricing
Quotes are automatically generated on this website. The quote form is linked right with our company. You fill it out with your Jeep engine details. Our team gets to work instantly and verifies your information. You’re contacted with a price and you can choose to purchase a 4.7L engine at that time. We use a toll free number for quotes too. Call us today. We’ll take all necessary time to help answer all questions. We want you to buy from our company.