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Isuzu Ascender Engine

Vortec 4200 GM EngineIsuzu Ascender was created in 2003. This modern SUV remained in production until 2008. Some people know that Isuzu marketed this vehicle as a replacement for the Trooper. Few people know that the engines used were built by GM. General Motors had a partnership to provide engines and some manufacturing for Isuzu to help boost its presence in the U.S. You’ll get a cheap price when you use us to purchase an Isuzu Ascender engine online. We’re able to offer what could be the lowest pricing because we’re the actual builder. No outsourcing or third party sales are found here.

The Vortec 4200 is the official engine code for the Isuzu series and other GM produced engines. This motor was well suited to power the SUV series as well as pickup trucks. Its 275 horsepower offers what most V6 engines do not. The Chevy Trailblazer received this engine first before it was used inside of the Oldsmobile Bravada. GM constantly engineered the Vortec line to be one of the best. You’ll find a similar approach taken by our company. There is nothing that we leave out or mishandle when it comes to the remanufacturing of motors.

Isuzu Ascender Engine in Stock 

We know the 4200 Vortec block very well. We’re masters at rebuilding the Vortec brand as well as other Gen I, II and III motors from General Motors. To operate a successful engine company, you have to have trained mechanics and great equipment. These are two of the things that are never forgotten here. We heavily invest into training for the workers that perform the actual assembly and breakdown of the motors. When we have great materials to work with, we produce better engines and everyone benefits. The stock levels you’ll find at our company come from this hard work. This is why you won’t locate out of stock messages from our website.

The Ascender series is just one example of an SUV that benefits from the I6 Vortec. Both pickup trucks and SUVs can be fitted to accept this engine type. We make it a lot easier on you or the installer that you select to place engines. Thorough rounds of testing is required for every single engine produced for sale. We have a reputation to uphold worldwide. Nothing leaves our company that is second best. The entire concept of engine rebuilding is to extend the useful life of what you purchase. You’ll not find issues after you make installs due in part since we warranty all of the products. What you won’t hear from our company is that we won’t assist you should you run into an issue within 36 months of engine ownership.

Isuzu Ascender Engine Price Quotes 

Pick up the phone and make the call into our company. This will put you in touch with our team. We’ll quote you a Vortec 4200 price. You make the decision to order. If you want to skip this method, tryout out quotation system from this website. Just follow the prompts for information and your quote is finished. Get the Isuzu engine low price you want any day of the week here.




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