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GMC Jimmy S15 4.3L Engines

gmc-jimmy-s15-43l-enginesGMC Jimmy was created right at the same time the Blazer was in 1983. The S10 had just been released and GM was entering into the SUV market to compete with the Bronco. The GMC Jimmy S15 was just as popular as the Blazer. The two vehicles were pretty much identical and made use of powerful GM engine technology. A range of engines were used in the Jimmy although it wasn’t until 1988 that the Vortec 4300 was used. This made its name in the Astro van. Get one of our GMC Jimmy S15 4.3L engines for a price that will shock you it is so low.

We support the classic and current engine line of General Motors. It can be hard to find a good quality 4.3L engine that works as you’d like it to work. This is one reason that we rebuild engines for sale. The 20+ years of age that the average Jimmy engine has on it cannot be removed but it can be restored. That’s right where we come into the picture. We restore GMC Jimmy engines to give them a new life again. We’ve hired master mechanics to handle all of this rebuilding work for us at www.remanufacturedenginesforsale.com.

GMC Jimmy S15 4.3L Engines 

The 4.3L engine gives between 200 and 280 horsepower depending on the configuration. This engine is what launched the invention of the Vortec name. All engines that were produced after this period in GM history had big shoes to fill. We take the same approach when we start an evaluation for a rebuild. We take great care and inspect all components for any sign of deterioration. It is normal to find rust and cracked hoses during our investigation. We easily disassemble the 4300 block and start putting it back together again. What our engines end up as when we’re finished is the closest possible thing to a brand new 4.3L engine.

Our rebuilding skills don’t go unnoticed outside of our engine facility. Customers from Canada as well as the U.S. are the very ones that place orders for Vortec engines here. We build for all customers and play no favorites. What engines here end up doing is getting installed in a lot of secondary vehicles. Since we’re a main supplier to businesses, these engines are ultimately resold and put into third party customer cars. We have a lot riding on the success of our GMC Jimmy engines. Our strict testing is necessary and we’re one of few engine companies online that puts in the required investment to test perfectly. There is nothing that we let damage our reputation as engine builders.

GMC Jimmy S15 4.3L Engines Pricing 

You know exactly what you’re buying when you order engines here. The only thing you’ll have to find out from us is your price. You can do this with a fast phone call on our toll free number at 1-877-630-3873 or by getting your quote from our website. Each way is fast and will get you a guaranteed low price. We throw in warranty coverage and expedite the shipping at no charge to you.




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