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Ford Explorer 4.0L Engines for Sale

Ford Explorer was the first SUV produced after the Bronco was retired. A long and successful run for the Bronco turned into another long and successful run for Ford. The same V6 engine was used to help propel the new Explorer into worldwide fame. The Ford Explorer 4.0L engines for sale that we have are all brand new. We are not a rebuilt or used engine seller. What we concentrate on is giving our customers value without a high dealer price tag. You can get a Cologne V6 engine for a lot less than you think just by getting a quote from us here at www.newenginesforsale.com.

One thing that Ford has done right throughout the last 30 years is stick with an engine it has confidence in marketing. So many engine dealers have faulted or gone by the wayside because of engines that the public didn’t care about. The public cares about the Explorer in part because Ford cares. This makes a big difference in the amount of engines that are produced and that we can buy for our inventory. What we do is buy straight from wholesalers. These are genuine 4.0L V6 engines that go right into your SUV. You just don’t pay a lot to get one.

Ford Explorer 4.0L Engines for Sale
The only problems that an engine can have is due to part failure or excessive use and non-cleaning. There is a simple reason why there are so many older Ford trucks and SUVs on the roads of America and in Europe. Taking care of a new engine is the best way to have longevity. The V6 engines that are from our warehouse are designed for long-term usage. The only care that you have to give is routine oil changes and the usual wear and tear maintenance. We don’t want you to have to replace an engine that is only 5 years old because it was not maintained right. We make mechanics and salvage dealers that sell engines proud. We make them look good and they don’t have to pay dealer prices. Everyone wins.

We go through several different dyno test configurations during the phases of testing that we do. We are able to learn a lot about engines when they come through our doors. We don’t care if an engine is new or not. We still test it. When we say we look out for all customers we meant it. Nothing ever gets into our online and offline Ford engine inventory without a test. We produce the data that Ford demands for all OEM engines. Rarely do we ever find anything wrong although it’s better for everyone to be on the safe side.

Ford Explorer 4.0L Engines for Sale Prices
Getting a new engine is easy. Finding out our prices is much easier than with other sellers. All you do here is use our quote form. Pricing gets generated automatically. You don’t have to wait around and wonder if we received your quote request. Try it out. You can also call our experts at 1-877-630-3873. They can answer your questions or give you information you didn’t find here online. It’s simple to do business with us.