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Ford 3.9 Engines for Sale

The later part of 2003 saw a change in the way that Mustang engines were produced. The original Essex design from Ford was expanded to include the new and improved 3.9L. The long running 3.8 Mustang engine was put to rest for this new version. The 2004 year was one of the highest selling mustang years that Ford witnessed since the early 1990s. While the 3.9L lasted for only one model, the impression that it made on Mustang owners cannot be forgotten. We have brand new Ford 3.9 engines for sale at a great price. You get a brand new engine for way less than what a Ford dealership would charge you.

Ford began using the Freestar as the newest vehicle to use the 3.9L engine after its run in the Mustang was finished. The Ford Freestar was a newly designed version of the Windstar that had a successful run in the mid 1990s. One of the greatest things about Ford is that they are not afraid to diversify and try new things to improve the quality of their engines. When compared to other automakers, Ford is consistent and delivers just what customers expect year after year.

Full V6 Ford Power with a No Hassle Warranty
We sell new engines. You are not buying used, remanufactured or rebuilt. Our relationship with suppliers and distributors around the country gives us the leverage to buy new Ford engines at big discounts. Many of the engines that we purchase are factory pullouts or overstock. This means that they can be bought for a much cheaper price compared with an engine that just rolled off them assembly line. Our Ford 3.9 engines for sale are discounted greatly from the original Ford MSRP and will transform your Mustang or Freestar into a new vehicle. The OHV design of the 3.9L was the last of its kind for the original Essex pushrod pistons.

We have one of the best warranties that you will find outside of a Ford dealership. We do not restrict the use or mileage of any engine that we sell. It is brand new and guaranteed to give you the performance and durability that a new engine should give you. If you do have a problem within the specified warranty time frame, we will fix your engine and make it right at our expense. We take selling new Ford engines online very seriously and hold our reputation very high.

Fast Quote – Low Price – One-Day Shipping
Call us at 1-877-630-3873 to get your price quote fast. Our huge inventory is updated in real time and we always have what we say that we have in stock when you call. Fill out our easy to use engine quote form to get our low price sent to your email inbox. We welcome any questions or concerns that you have before you order. When an order for our Ford 3.9 engines for sale is complete, we ship your engine out the same day.