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Remanufactured Ford 2.3L Engines for Sale

Ford 2.3L Engines for Sale | Remanufactured EnginesFord 2.3L Engines for Sale with OEM Parts

The Ford Pinto was the little darling that first introduced the OHC 2.3L engine from Ford in 1974. The entry into the subcompact car market might not have been the most successful venture for Ford, but brighter days were on the Horizon when the Escort was introduced as the predecessor to the Pinto. The initial power of the 2.3L engine was a whopping 86 horsepower. While not built for speed, this “little engine that could” started a trend that lasted for nearly three decades. Our inventory is stocked with rebuilt Ford 2.3L engines for sale ready for shipment.

Ford Mustang, Ford Ranger or Mercury Capri owners know the value of the Ford 2.3L engines. These low emission and high fuel mileage engines were literally put into millions of cars and trucks that still travel the roadways today. The mid 1980s saw the 2.3L Ford engine overhauled with a Turbo Charger. This increased the road power of the Mustang, Cougar and Thunderbird. Sales skyrocketed as drivers wanted to own this superior engine for themselves. All of the Ford 2.3L engines for sale in our database have been rebuilt to the original specifications by Ford.

Ford 2.3L Engines for Sale at Near Wholesale Prices

We buy engines from dealers that we have built relationships with over our time spent in the retail engine industry. We sell truly remanufactured engines for the Ford model that you have or that you are servicing. We specialize in providing our rebuilt engines to average drivers, warranty service centers and body shops nationwide. Our engine specialists rebuild all Ford 2.3L engines for sale in our inventory. The old parts are removed and brand new OEM parts are put in their place.

Our Ford 2.3L engines for sale are priced so low they could be close to wholesale pricing compared to other Ford engine dealers prices online. Our remanufactured engines are a popular alternative instead of buying a new engine. The same precision care that is put into each engine at a Ford factory is put into the rebuild by our specialists. Our experts know the difference between a good and a bad engine. Our Ford 2.3L engines for sale even come with a warranty.

Free Quote Plus Fast Shipping for Ford 2.3L Engines for Sale

Complete our quote form to get your super low price. Our engine specialists are waiting to speak with you and answer your questions. Call our toll free number at 1-877-630-3837. We want to be sure you get the lowest price plus shipping on our Ford 2.3L engines for sale. We stand behind our rebuilt Ford engines and make sure you are satisfied.

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