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Dodge Dakota Engines for Sale

Dodge Dakota can be summed up as “one powerful truck” in Dodge’s current lineup. Well over 20 years have been put into the development of the Dakota and it still remains one of Dodge’s best vehicles. Dodge has used many engines through the history of this famous truck. Early versions were a 2.5L 4-cylinder that helped drivers maintain fuel economy. The V6 engines were usually 3.9L or larger and the V8 engines were the massive 5.2L. We have all of these Dodge Dakota engines for sale right now in our warehouse inventory. You won’t ever pay retail here and we maintain our lowest pricing here at www.newenginesforsale.com for all our customers.

Any seller can create a website and attach a price to a photo. What we make sure that our customers understand is how our business is operated. We explain the quality of our inventory to make it easier to understand what is paid for when engines are purchased. The way we purchase our inventory is what we feel is the correct way. We have relationships with dealerships that have OEM Dodge engines in stock. These engines have never been used or installed in any vehicle. We are the first ones to get our hands on these engines before they arrive at your door.

Dodge Dakota Engines for Sale
What you expect after you buy a new engine is to not have problems for many years. We wish that were the case. Some sellers resell new engines right from a factory and know that the engines do not come with a warranty. Other sellers include a small warranty and know that it will lapse within a year. We beat these two scenarios. What we offer is an extended warranty with every Dakota engine purchase. We even cover the OEM parts that were used during the build. We know from experience that Dodge usually has a 3-year warranty on OEM parts. One of the best parts about what we sell is that our dyno testing machine reveals that engines are in great condition. We do not sell new engines online without proper testing.

You demand an engine to work when you install it. The problem is that there are no guarantees. This is why we buy from trusted sellers, we do our own testing and we evaluate every engine that comes into our engine shop as a new one. Engines are pretty deceiving sometimes. You never know when something internal is bad unless it is found before the sale. We are experts at engine evaluations and ensure that everything we have in our warehouse is tested and certified new by our staff. Your Dakota V6 or V8 engine will last for many, many years.

Dodge Dakota Engines for Sale Pricing
It is untrue that new engines cost just as much as a new truck. People misread MSRP pricing quite often. Our quote form will tell you what our lowest Dakota engine price is when you use it. Just click the form and you get our price plus the shipping charges. We sell engines low to make customers happy. Try us out now. You can always call 1-877-630-3873 if you need help. We are here to help you get that new Dakota engine you have been searching for online.