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Detroit DD16 Diesel Engine For Sale

Most of the people who arrive at this website are serious truck drivers, more aptly put, they are professionals and count on their trucks to make a living. Some don’t own their own trucks, but count on the company who owns them to keep them in top notch shape. Being able to locate and buy a new Detroit Diesel DD16 engine for sale is critical to all of the folks involved in getting the deliveries to the store for us to buy. Every one of them makes a living off that delivery getting there on time.

As a matter of fact, Detroit Diesel makes the Dumamax diesel engines used in GM trucks. But 99% of the folks who call and ask for a Detroit Diesel engine are looking for large equipment motors. And the DD16 is a big strong diesel engine capable of pulling the biggest of trailers with ease.

You are talking about a 16 liter engine. Lets see, 16 liters X 61.5= 864 cubic inches. One liter equals 61.5 cubic inches. Take my word for it, that’s a big, big motor. The Big Block Chevy is a tremendous automotive gasoline engine, it comes in at 454 cubic inches. We are talking serious torque here, up to 2050 pounds of torque at about 2000 RPM’s.

We get a lot of inquiries for new Detroit Diesel engines. Truckers need the most reliability they can get, as we mentioned earlier. It saves lots of money to buy the best replacement parts available. Many truckers or fleet owners understand that simply buying a brand spanking new engine, like the one that came in their rigs new, is the most dependable and ultimately the least expensive avenue to take?

Not every engine supply company sells brand new engines. Newenginesforsale.com has the distinct privilege of having the rights to sell brand new Detroit Diesel engines at below cost to the public as well as professionals. Call now and take advantage of this rare opportunity. Call Newenginesforsale.com Now.