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Chrysler LHS Remanufactured Engines

Chrysler LHS Remanufactured EnginesChrysler LHS was a mid-size passenger car that competed briefly with the Ford Probe and Taurus. The entire LH platform was developed after Chrysler purchased AMC and reworked its Eagle brand. Vehicles like the LHS, Concorde, New Yorker and Intrepid all used the same manufacturing design. This kept the LHS in good company. The engine that Chrysler used was its 3.5L. This V6 engine is rated at 250 horsepower and was just recently replaced by the Pentastar V6. The faith that Chrysler car owners have in the LHS engine still stands today. This is why you can find Chrysler LHS remanufactured engines at the cheapest online prices in our engine inventory.

Did you know we supply hundreds of salvage and junkyards across the U.S. The Chrysler motors we have end up being sold or installed in thousands of vehicles around the country. We are the saving grace for a lot of companies that need a reliable 3.5L engine. We keep the V6 integrity in tact and rebuild the motors perfectly. We search the country’s best distributors and only deal with motors that are low in mileage. This makes the start of a great rebuild. When we start with smaller mileage engines, we can do a lot during the process of remanufacturing them. This helps us put out a much better end product.

Chrysler LHS Remanufactured Engines

It is the quality control we use that gets us to a different level selling engines online. Nothing gets past one phase of testing until it passes with flying colors. Anyone can strip an engine block. The difference with our mechanics is that they are trained in Chrysler engine technologies. We upgraded our engine testing and manufacturing equipment. This is all in accordance with the specs required for a nameplate rebuild of Chrysler. What we do to the block is clean it with special cleansers and we even clean out the bolt holes. This is important if you want your engine to be bolted down smoothly.

The rods and the heads are the overall integrity of an engine. We spend extra time making sure there are no bent parts and all rods and cylinders remain perfect. We use the highest regard for the OEM parts that are put on in place of ones we have removed. With precision and computer guided accuracy, our mechanics remanufactured 3.5L LHS engines each day in our engine shop. The inventory we have built is not only pleasing to the eyes. We know that something shipped out with our name on it will perform in the same class as something originally built by Chrysler in engine plants in the U.S.

Chrysler LHS Remanufactured Engines Quotes 

Quotes make up the majority of 80 percent of our online business. We eliminated the need to call if you know how to use the Internet to get what you want. Our website gives 24/7 quotes for all of our 3.5L V6 rebuilt engines. Get the quote you came here for right now. It’s really easy to do. You can also call 1-877-630-3873. We are always ready to help you and make sure you get the engine you are happy with for a low price.


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