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Chrysler Imperial Rebuilt Engines

Chrysler Imperial Rebuilt EnginesChrysler Imperial was based on the well received New Yorker. 1990 was bringing in a lot of changes at Chrysler. The recent acquisition of the Jeep brand gave Chrysler some much needed cash to develop new vehicles. The Imperial was designed as a brand of its own. It remained for a few years until it was replaced by the LHS series. The Imperial was offered to the luxury market. Inside of this vehicle was a 3.3L Chrysler engine. This V6 engine was used also in minivans and offered the base horsepower that drivers wanted. You’ll find that we include the best pricing for these Chrysler Imperial rebuilt engines.

Shopping for an engine replacement can be quite tough. Not knowing where to buy a V6 engine to replace the one you have can be frightening. You’re in good automotive hands here. Our company, if you didn’t know, if a major supplier to the secondary engines marketplace. What this means is that we find and fix up used engines and sell them as remanufactured. This provides a step up from the average used engine. A rebuilt engine performs a lot like a new one at 1/10 of the cost. Get your Chrysler motor from us and save big.

Chrysler Imperial Rebuilt Engines 

The V6 3.3L engine has a base of 162 horsepower. This configuration was upgraded after the 1993 year when the LHS base came out. What you are probably searching for online is a 3.3L from 1990 to 1993. These are the engines that are in our warehouse at the moment. Our Chrysler engine experts have found and bought these motors from our dealer network. The engines have been brought here where they are rebuilt. The worn and close to worn parts are removed and what is left is the basic block. One of our experts rebuilds the block using a combination of OEM parts and new genuine parts to get the engine running again like new.

What our Chrysler Imperial engines come with is a labor and a manufacturer warranty. This provides the assurance all customers will need to have the most faith possible in their engine. We have already done the hard work finding, rebuilding and testing the 3.3L engines. The only thing a customer has to do is install one in his or her vehicle. There is nothing else that needs to be added to each engine to get it to start. Swapping out an older Imperial engine and putting in our newly rebuilt one is all that is required. A DIY or professional engine installation works just fine.

Chrysler Imperial Rebuilt Engines Prices 

It takes just a second or two to get our 3.3L engine pricing. You can do it by using the quote form we make available on this website. Input the engine information in the form and out comes our sale pricing. You can even call us toll free at 1-877-630-3873. We’ll help you over the phone as well. Our experts are trained and know everything about our Chrysler Imperial rebuilt engines for sale. Give us a try today.




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