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Chevy V6 Engines

Chevy V6 EnginesChevy V6 engines have been produced since the late 1970s. The 3.3 size was the size selected to help boost the sales and performance of the Malibu. Better development and design was added in the 1980s. What came from these innovations was the current 4.3 V6 design still in use by General Motors. This happens to be the same 6-cylinder motors that are sold by our company. You’ve come to the right engine resource online. Our motors receive OEM builds and are priced to sell quickly here at http://www.newenginesforsale.com/test/blog.

Chevrolet Camaro briefly used the 3.8 larger engine series that was the largest at the time for a V6. The 1985 design of the 4.3 is what helped to move this engine series forward. GM found the right mix of fuel economy and horsepower that struck a chord with engine buyers. This engine is still produced and is the one that we specialize in building here at this company. You can search long hours online just to find a source to buy one of these motors for sale in used shape. We eliminate any searching for our inventory. You expect to find a reliable engine and you receive that and more here.

Chevy V6 Engines in Stock 

We add OEM built motors each day. This means that we always have mechanics performing work inside our facility. What is sold is not trucked in from another seller or dealership. We have a complete system of offering engines to the public and B2B sales. The remanufacturing that goes on here is completed in a 21st century engine shop. What this means is that all of the tools, equipment and mechanics that perform the builds are all up to date. The motors might be from 1985 although they are built with modern engineering. Each of the remanufactured Chevy engines that come out of our facility get our seal of engine approval.

What you might be wondering has to do with warranty coverage. We do a lot of work and ensure that customers benefit. It is from our confidence and testing that our engine warranties have been created. We’re now offering extensions of a warranty. The current period is 36 months. The V6 Chevrolet engines that are shipped to customers receive this warranty. All of our mechanic labor and genuine parts that we use to build a motor are covered. What this does is prevent our customers from having problems throughout the remainder of the warranty term. Nothing that is shipped out is designed to fail. You can buy here with the confidence that you should have in a professional engine company.

Chevy V6 Engines Price Quotes

Price quotes don’t have to be a problem. We’ve innovated our system to help buyers get what they need before a transaction is made. Use the form for customer quotes found on this page. It will deliver a V6 price to you entirely online. If you like calling instead, our team of engine experts are waiting right now to speak with you. We’ll have the answers you need about our rebuilt Chevy V6 motors.






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