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Chevy S10 Engines for Sale

The original 1.9L Isuzu engine was placed into the S10 during its initial launch in ’82. While this engine did well for a few years, Chevrolet decided to upgrade the torque and performance. The Iron Duke 2.5L replaced the Isuzu engine and Chevy truck owners showed appreciation for this engine by buying S10s in large numbers. After sales of the S10 increased, Chevy began to produce the S10 in SUVs and beat Ford to the marketplace with a hot selling sport utility vehicle. We have the 2.5L Chevy S10 engines for sale and other models that have made this pickup truck engine famous worldwide.

The late 1980s produced another upgrade to the S-10 truck. The 4.3L Vortec was Chevy’s flagship new engine and they wanted to try it out in the best-selling pickup of the 80s. This V6 motor remained inside of S10s that were sold up until 2003 just before Chevy disbanded the series. We take great pride in finding the best new engines that are a perfect fit for Chevrolet trucks and SUVs. It does not matter if you drive a GMC, Jimmy or S10. We have a brand new engine waiting to be shipped out to you at a really low price. You won’t find any used or remanufactured versions here. Our engines are brand new overstock direct from Chevrolet.

Chevy S10 Engines for Sale with Our Standard Warranty
Everything we sell to our customers is protected from damage. Any engine that bares our name is a part of our company. We don’t sell engines to our customers that fail or breakdown without doing something about it. You are buying a new engine when you buy our Chevy S10 engines for sale. This means that all parts are guaranteed should they go bad on you during our warranty period. Our standard warranty is 36 months and provides you with the assurance and peace of mind that you have an engine partner that cares if your truck starts up 3 years from now. We have built our business relationship with customers around the world using this system and so far it has worked exceptionally well.

Engines that are ordered from us are shipped the same day. We have found that we can arrange a better delivery time of between 2 and 4 days to anywhere in the U.S. using our shipping carriers. One thing that we make sure of is the safety of our engines. You are buying a brand new Chevy S10 engine. We want to keep it that way. All engines are shipped with insurance coverage to make sure there are no problems that are not accounted for during transit.

Chevy S10 Engines for Sale Quotes Delivered Fast
When you deal with us, you will notice that we are prompt as well as courteous. Get your free S10 engine quote by completing our web form. Give us a call at 1-877-630-3873 If you do not want to get your quote emailed to you. You can speak to one of our expert engine staff and get answers to your questions. The biggest mistake you can make is not getting our price before you shop around. Once you do we know where you will buy your engines.