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8.1 Chevy Engine for Sale

8.1 Chevy EngineThe Chevy Vortec series is one of the longest running blocks currently used by General Motors. The commercial side of the engine industry depends on motors that are able to handle a variety of applications. A high torque and pulling mechanism is expected with gasoline and diesel variants used in the commercial industry. 8.1 Chevy engine for sale found in our inventory is the OEM edition that was used in the Silverado HD series. Here at remanufacturedenginesforsale.com, you can find this reconditioned motor for a cheap price online. This big block engine is ready for installation upon arrival.

One of the reasons this larger Vortec engine remains popular is the up to 350 hp generated during operation. This class of motor can be found used in drag racing cars,  motor homes, pickup trucks and other large vehicles. The V8 configuration stays true to the GM specs for quality, performance and durability after installation. Because the 8.1 is reconditioned, the longevity of this motor has a better lifespan when compared with a used addition often found on eBay. Purchasers of our inventory trust experience of our mechanics. It is this customer friendly relationship this helped our company become one of the leaders in rebuilt engines on the Internet.

8.1 Chevy Engine for Sale with a Warranty

Unexpected breakdown or other problems can happen with an engine that is not warranted. It does not matter if this motor is used, new or reconditioned. OEM parts can fail. Problems can happen without warning. Our company takes these into consideration when performing each build in our facility. The team that we have hired to complete our work is an expert team. These professionals know General Motors and its technologies. Unlike aftermarket builders found online, our team is comprised of expert GM builders who know how to disassemble and reassemble any Vortec motor.

The warranties that are attached with our engines cover three years of wear and tear protection. This 8.1 warranty is a rarity on the secondary market. Because our company chooses the lowest mileage blocks, the work put into the build is warranted and accurate. Our company uses tools and equipment that is the same type used by General Motors and other automakers. This ensures that all work is at an expert level for customers. Whether orders come in from business clients or vehicle owners, the same build is put together for quality purposes. Each 8.1 Vortec engine built here conforms to strict standards of quality. Through dyno and calibration testing, our team verifies the work put into the block. No problems are found in these tests. If an issue is found, it is addressed before the engine is shipped to customers.

8.1 Chevy Engine for Sale Price Quotes

Getting a price here is easy. We’ve constructed what we believe to be the easiest to use quote system currently found on the Internet. By entering data into our system, quotes are generated faster and are more accurate than offline processing. Each 8.1 Chevy Vortec engine is sold at the lowest price possible. You can call our toll-free number and get a telephone quote right now.


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