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2011 Dodge Ram Hemi

2011 Dodge Hemi EngineChrysler pumped up the horsepower for the Ram trucks in the mid 2000s. The standard 4.7 displacement Hemi engine used in the Jeep brand was modified for the Ram. The new 5.7 is one of the strongest engines that is made for a V8 truck. The 2011 Dodge Ram Hemi engine in 5.7 size is exactly what you’ll find here. These are recycled and made to operate like new here in our inventory of engines for sale.

The 20 mpg offered with the 5.7 makes this edition a first in its class. The standard fuel mileage that a V8 block offers is around 14 miles per gallon. Restoring the quality in a used block can improve the horsepower and the overall efficiency of fuel mileage. The reconditioned Dodge Ram engines that are for sale using our resource give you top quality. There is nothing worse than finding out your engine lacks fuel mileage.

Rebuilt 2011 Dodge Ram Hemi V8

The modifications to the Chrysler engineering that has taken place through the past 10 years has resulted in better engine development. These increases require a rebuilding company to up the skill level of each engine technician. The modifications that we make to our service staff help ensure the top rebuilders are always on the job. The expert work completed here helps us turn out V8 Ram engines for a lowered price.

There is more to a remanufactured engine than its price tag. The 5.7 is a complex displacement and one of the largest in production in the world. Extreme care and attention has to be given to the block to refer to it as a like new engine when rebuilt. Our technologically advanced facility gives all customers a huge benefit. These benefits are what helps us to solidify our engine rebuilding reputation in the U.S.

Dodge Ram 5.7 Engine Price Quotes

The 5.7 Hemi can be quoted right on this resource. We ask you to give us some basic engine details. We need to know the year of your truck. We also need the right make. We might even require you to enter the Crew Cab, Regular or Quad Cab identification. These are all used by our engine staff to present the lowest priced Hemi engines online. Our investment into engine quotes is making a lot of second hand engine buyers happy. Call our staff by phone or use the quotes system we provide online to secure your low price.