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2005 Ford Superduty Engine

Ford V8 Engines Aluminum HeadsThe 2005 version of the F-Series trucks featured more than just an engine change. These vehicles had a makeover on the body as well as the torque provided. The Ford Motor Company Modular engine series was selected for this brand. The 2005 through 2007 editions used the 5.4 Triton motor. You’ll find 2005 Ford Superduty engine inventory here for sale. Not only do we have a huge inventory, we’re able to give you super pricing.

Rebuilt engines are just like new ones. There are slight differences but the concept is the same. Taking out the old parts in exchange for new ones is the base process. If you’re buying rebuilt, you should know who is building your motor. There are plenty of garage builders selling on eBay. You deserve to know the facts when researching a reconditioned Ford motor to purchase.

2005 Ford Superduty Engine for Sale

You get a lot of torque with the 3-valve edition. The Triton Modular series expanded from 2 to 3 valves quickly. The power that you want is inside of this engine type. Our V8 rebuilding processes let you in on our quality. If you’re buying to install, you’ll find that you’ll notice a huge improvement in power. If you’re buying to resell, customers will love you for getting such a great engine. We put our reputation on the line daily here.

The Ford Motor Company variants that you’ll find on this website are genuine. What this means is that the blocks are real. The parts are OEM. The only difference is that these are reconditioned. Blocks arrive here used. What happens is a total process of rebuilding. Each recycled motor that is sold from our company goes through an identical process. We test, test again and test one more time before shipment.

2005 Ford Superduty Engine Quotes

Replacing motors is our specialty. We’re one of the top rebuilding companies for a reason. If you’re ready to get a quote get started now. We give you access to our quote tools right here. You only take a moment to submit the details to us. We return a great price after we review your data. We need to know if our 5.4L 3-valve Triton Ford engines are what you’re seeking. You can always call toll-free into our company. We have a friendly staff ready to assist you.