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2004 F150 5.4 Engine

2004 Ford F150 V8The Triton series motor helped Ford to turn a new page in the late 1990s. This V8 series took over from the Modular and Essex designs that were the primary workhorses in the F-Series vehicles. This engine type can be hard to find online due to shortages in the secondary industry. The 2004 F150 5.4 engine inventory that we carry in refurbished condition is ready for purchase online or offline. You’ve just found one of the largest rebuilt engines resources in North America.

The 5.4 motors that are up for sale inside our warehouse can do a lot for your vehicle. If you’re tired of used eBay engines, it might be time to start considering a reconditioned unit. Most people think the price is higher for engines that are rebuilt. The real truth is that there is not much of a price difference between used Ford motors and ones we rebuild. We’re able to restore these engines to their original horsepower. These are ready for install upon delivery.

2004 F150 5.4 Engine with a Warranty

No two engines have the same usability. Parts can fail faster on two perfectly acceptable engines. The difference between most companies is the protection that is provided upon sale. Our company offers a 3-year warranty program. This is attached with each engine sale. This coverage provides the peace of mind that most vehicle owners prefer after a replacement engine is installed. The 5.4 series motors in stock always include this protection. There is no extra charge for this coverage.

The V8 brand is showcased widely in our current inventory. Replacing motors in F-Series vehicles does not have to be difficult. Regardless if you use a mechanic or not, the installation should be without errors. Putting your investment dollars into a rebuilt Ford engine is a big step. We take this step seriously. Our engine rebuilding team is a big part of the solutions that we offer to customers. We personally test and re-test all engine types before these are sold in the U.S.

Ford F150 5.4 Engine Price Quotes

Engine quotes are essential to the research process. We’ve simplified the delivery of quotes right here online. We offer two easy ways for any person to learn our low price structures. The first is to call by toll-free number. We have a dedicated staff waiting to take your call. You can ask us anything about the 5.4 Triton or other models in stock. The second way is to get your quotes online. We use a powerful system to generate online quotations for remanufactured engines. Get your quote now and have your engine shipped same day.