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2.7L Dodge Engines for Sale

The Dodge 2.7L is mostly associated with the Intrepid, but it is actually found in multiple makes and models of Dodge vehicles. The DOHC version is the most popular and it boasts over 200 horsepower. You don’t have to try and convince Dodge owners what the 2.7L can do because they know it. You will find used engines sold by many dealers online. We prefer to sell 2.7L Dodge engines for sale brand new. We give you a great price so you don’t have to spend all of your free time searching for a low price. You won’t regret getting a price quote.

Even though we offer brand new engines, we still employ a staff of engine mechanics that inspect and test what we buy. This is to ensure that you always get the highest quality. New engines are still prone to failure if they are not tested after leaving the manufacturing plant. We never receive a crated engine and ship it right out to our customers. Our expert mechanics know exactly what to look for when inspecting an engine. Since Dodge is our specialty, we know what has the potential to go wrong and we make sure that it doesn’t. We take pride in our 2.7L Dodge engines.

Expertly Tested and a 3-Year Warranty Included
When you buy an engine from us, you are not just getting a very low price and fast shipping. You also get our generous warranty that covers the parts on your engine for 3 years after purchase. One of the nightmares that you can face when buying a used engine is when a problem happens. Trying to get assistance after an engine arrives at your door from another company is challenging to say the least. We make it easy for you to contact us if you have a problem. We sell new engines, but that does not mean that a part from Dodge will have the useful life that was intended for it. Our warranty is strong and very useful although we rarely receive warranty requests.

We ship our new engines very safely. We choose to work only with the most trusted freight companies to ensure complete protection. We also make sure that we get the lowest price quotes when striking a deal to ship your engine to you. One of the tricks that is pulled by some dealers online is inflated shipping. You are offered a low price until you go to make your purchase. To say the cost of shipping is a surprise is the understatement of the year. We get you the lowest price so you can continue to save money. We want you to buy all of your engines from us. We make it easy and stress-free.

Get Our Price for 2.7L Dodge Engines for Sale
There is no need to get an online quote when we use actual engine specialists to help you by phone. We even pay for the phone call! Call now at 1-877-630-3837 to get our low 2.7L Dodge price. Our inventory is always correct and we have what we say we have in stock. You won’t be disappointed with the performance of our engines.