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Plymouth V6 Engines for Sale

Plymouth 2.7L V6 Engines

Plymouth 2.7L engines were introduced during the 1998 year. These engines were put into the Intrepid to help boost the sales of this sedan. Dodge knew that the Intrepid and the 300 were going to carry it to new heights in the auto world. The V6 size of this engine also appealed to many buyers. […]

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Plymouth Sundance Engines for Sale

Plymouth Sundance was created in 1987 after the Chrysler financial issues. The Sundance was designed to go up against the Cavalier, Taurus and Escort as a leading compact car. Chrysler used its famous 2.2 and 2.5 engine to power the Sundance. The 8 years of production that went into this vehicle were very good to […]

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