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New Engines for Sale. The question is what is a new engine and what is a ”new remanufactured” engine? There is a difference and once you understand that you will become a better consumer of engines, new ones in particular. Regardless of what you get out of the explanation we have new engines for sale for nearly every vehicle currently made and a few more.

A brand new engine is sort of a myth. Even when you buy a brand new car, it probably has a few miles on it, possibly from running it around the car lot or from a few test drives. Well, it is not new anymore, it is a very low mileage used engine. I know that is pretty harsh, but that is how I see it. Want a new engine, buy a crate motor from or buy it from the dealer. Our prices are a lot better, believe that.

In essence, we can then transfer the term ”new engine” to a new ”remanufactured engine” for sale. As far as I’m concerned, a re-manned engine [of which I just mentioned] can be categorized as a new engine. It has new parts in it and has never been operated in a car.

Now let me get a bit deeper. All ”brand new”, ”not remanufactured” and ”new remanufactured engines” are operated at the establishment that does the final assembly. Simply put, the idea is to make sure it runs properly and is in perfect tune. It is not operated for long, however, it has been run.

Unless you are willing to take a chance on a ”new engine” that has not been tested in any capacity [which is risky] all engines have a few minutes of running and pre break-in time on them.

What interests me is proving to you that you can choose any new engine from us and get an unbelievable guarantee, proven customer service and fast delivery. Call now and find out why is where our customers send their friends.

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