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New Engines For Sale, Nissan Leaf and more.

The Nissan Leaf (Leading, Environment-friendly, Affordable and Family car) gets its power from a brand new engine for sale by an exclusive independent manufacturer of unknown origins [as of now]. It is a 5-door hatchback electric car made in United States. The Leaf’s all-electric range is 100 miles in city driving.

The Leaf uses a battery and electric-motor power-train on a front-drive, hatchback chassis. Advances lie primarily in battery casings and technology as the Leaf runs on a rather large battery pack made up of 192 lithium-ion cells. These are not ordinary cylindrical batteries, but flat, laminated cells developed in cooperation with NEC. According to Nissan, the key advantages of these flat cells include reduced complexity, better cooling, and superior packaging.
NEC Battery Corporation Develops New Ultra-Thin, Flexible, Rechargeable Battery Boasting Super-Fast Charging Capability.

The Leaf is only one of a barrage of the ”new breed’ of fully electric cars. Here is a list of what I could locate to be currently available or will become available in 2011.

  1. Subaru Stelia EV.
  2. Mitsubishi i-EV.
  3. Tesla Roadster.
  4. Chevy Leaf.
  5. ZENN EV [Zero Emissions, No Noise] by ZENN Motor Company of Toronto
  6. Dynasty iT Sedan;  Dynasty Motor Company of Canada
  7. Zap Zebra; A California based electric car maker.

That is my story on new engines. New in the context of new designs. If you have any concerns or questions concerning the ”new breed” of electric cars and the engines that power them, call one of our specialists, you will be surprised at the amount of knowledge we have on the subject already. Call now.

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