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New Ford Thunderbird Engines for Sale

Ford kicked off the American ”two seater” sports car vibe with the introduction of the Thunderbird in 1955. It was made to compete with the Corvette in every way possible. Originally the T-Bird was considered a personal luxury car. It was not marketed as a sports car like the Vette, and was not as performance oriented. The original T Bird sported a Y-Block Ford V8 with 292 cubic inches. We have Ford Thunderbird engines for sale , believe me they have come a long way since the ”boat anchor” Y-Block motors.

Eleven generations of Ford Thunderbird’s were made. From 1955 to 2005 the Thunderbird was an icon, and will always have a special place in automotive history. Believe it or not, my first car was a used 1958 Ford Thunderbird. It was in pretty bad shape, but for a 15 year old kid, what could have been more fun than to be able to buy a used T-bird for 150 dollars [in 1967]. I took the whole car apart and fixed the engine and plenty of other parts. I could not afford a new engine at the time, so I fixed the old one. I never even drove the car. It was sold before I turned 16 years old.

During it’s last 2 generations of production from 1989 to 2005 Ford offered these engines to the public;
3.8 L Essex V6 (1989–1997)
3.8 L Essex Supercharged V6 (1989–1995 Super Coupe only)
4.9 L (302 cu in) Windsor 5.0 V8 (1991–1993)
4.6 L Modular V8 (1994–1997)
3.9 L AJ35 V8

In 2002 a new Thunderbird was introduced; this was a two-seater again and received the model’s fourth Motor Trend Car of the Year honor. It was also nominated for the North American Car of the Year award that year.

One of the qualities I have noticed in T-Bird owners are they enjoy their cars for more than just getting around. The newer retro T-Birds are Sunday cruisers for some people. The common denominator is that 90% of T-Bird owners go for new engines when it’s time for a replacement engine.

From what I gather, they love their cars and won’t settle for less than the best replacement engines, especially for the older vintage Thunderbird’s. In most cases, our clients found out a new engine is not as costly as assumed. In fact most people were shocked at how cost effective taking this avenue is, over other less reliable engine solutions.

Do yourself a favor and call It only takes a second or two and reaps tremendous dividends after the facts are revealed. Find out the facts by calling now, allow us to explain why new engines are the hottest selling replacement engines for sale now.

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