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Dodge Neon New Engines for Sale

Dodge Neon New Engines for SaleThe Dodge Neon was a 10-year best seller for Dodge and Chrysler brands. The SOHC and DOHC 2.0L engine was part of the success of this compact automobile. Dodge phased out 4 brands in favor of the Neon and their strategy was a great success. The Neon could reach up to 150 horsepower with no type of booster or rebuild kit. The inline design produced better fuel economy than what Toyota, Nissan, Chevy or Ford produced at this point in 1995. We have Dodge Neon new engines for sale that are ready to ship inside the U.S. or to other parts of the world. Buying one of these engines will give you the new engine that you demand at a price you do not expect.

When you purchase a new engine, you don’t have to deal with the problems that often come with used or rebuilt engines. A remanufactured engine will extend an engine’s life, but there is little that can be done with a used engine once it reaches a certain point in age. It is less expensive than you probably realize to buy a new Dodge engine from our company. We are not a Dodge dealership. We are not a distributor. We set our own prices and cut out these middlemen. What you get is a great price on a 2.0-liter Neon engine.

Certified Dodge Neon New Engines for Sale

All 2.0L engines that are sold from our inventory are in new condition. These are factory built by Dodge and sold to us for less. We buy engine overstock, pull outs from new vehicles and from other engine sources. We are only interested in brand new engines for our customers. You have probably found many used Neon engines on the Internet, but many of them have too many miles on them and will not give you the mileage assurance you need. Our engines start at zero miles and let you put as many as you want on them without worrying about problems. Our sales staff is amazing and will help match you with one of our perfect Dodge Neon new engines for sale.

We ship daily and every order is handled with extreme caution and care. All engines are stored properly and they are retrieved using special equipment. Our engines are not sitting on warehouse floors before they are ordered. Our freight staff correctly crates and prepares each motor for its destination. We do all of this at a super low price. Our negotiations with freight companies have allowed us to get deep discounts on shipping to our customers. You won’t pay more than you have to when our engines are shipped out of our warehouse. No inflated shipping costs happen here.

Dodge Neon New Engines for Sale Price Quote 

Here at, you can get a price you won’t believe in two fast ways. The first way is to use our Dodge Neon quote form to get our price. It asks only simple information and your quote is sent fast to any email address that you provide. The second way is to call and speak with our new engine specialists at 1-877-630-3873. These pros will answer all questions and still provide the same unbelievably low price to you.

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